Tsörf – “Hold On To Me”

New Zealand-based artist Tsörf has shared a stunning ethereal video for her latest single entitled “Hold On To Me”. Taken from her upcoming debut ep, the video was premiered on NOWNESS.


The song delivers the most enchanting and atmospheric textures of dream-pop.



You can also stream Tsörf‘s (pronounced ‘surf’) first two tracks “Can I Be Close 2U?” and “Know The Light” on her Soundcloud page.


Watch the video for “Hold On To Me” below.

Director: Jordan Arts
Cinematographer: Dan Ax
Choreographer: Kayla Paige

Words by Enan

Enan’s Top Album Covers

A well-designed artwork is effective at marketing. The cover not only needs to look great -it should represent the artist or the band and the music in the best way possible.

Sometimes they can be an impressive piece of art that don’t relate to the music or the message the artists are trying to communicate. It’s very important for the viewer to be able to understand what the sound or the vibe is like just from looking at the cover art.

Album covers could be a great source of inspiration for many of you, specially if you like photography, graphic design and even fashion.

Some can be considered a little controversial and others will have eye-catching portrait shots. It’s all about artistic expression.

The following list of 25 album covers are Enan‘s all time favorites.

Helado Negro – Private Energy, 2016
Soley – Ask the Deep, 2015
Tycho's Epoch
TYCHO – Epoch, 2016
Bat For Lashes – The Haunted Man, 2012
David Bowie – Pin Ups, 1973
Antony and the Johnsons – I Am a Bird Now, 2005
Shakira's Fijacion Oral 1
Shakira – Fijacion Oral Vol. 1, 2005
Shakira's Oral Fixaction 2
Shakira – Oral Fixation Vol. 2, 2005
SebastiAn – Total, 2011
Grace Jones – Island Life, 1985
Fever Ray – Fever Ray, 2009
Björk's Homogenic
Björk – Homogenic, 1997
Björk's Biophilia
Björk – Biophilia, 2011
Ximena Sariñana - Mediocre
Ximena Sariñana – Mediocre, 2008
Patti Smith – Horses, 1975
Kimbra – The Golden Echo, 2014
Rhye – Woman, 2013
Juana Molina – Wed 21, 2013
St. Vincent – St. Vincent, 2014
St. Vincent & David Byrne – Love This Giant, 2012
El Perro del Mar – KoKoro, 2016
Tame Impala – Currents, 2015
Lykke Li – I Never Learn, 2014
Lebanon Hanover – Tomb for Two, 2013

Every artwork represents the content inside. Please click on the artist or band’s name to learn more about them and don’t forget to check out their music (if you never heard of them before).

Words By Enan

Empress Of

“But that’s the way anything you love should be. You should work hard to pursue your dreams. It’s never going to be easy.”


It has been almost four years since I discovered Brooklyn songwriter, Lorely Rodriguez. She’s the person behind Empress Of. A solo art pop and experimental project I am obsessed with.

In an article with The Standard Hotel, Lorely shares how her culture is a big part of who she is. She was raised by her Honduran mother in LA. Growing up in a house where salsa and merengue were always being played, she is now happy to show her mother and family the electronic and rock music scene she’s into.

“My culture is a huge, huge, huge part of who I am as a person, and that doesn’t detach from who I am as a musician. It’s hand in hand”


It was then when I found out Lorely is of Spanish-Honduran descents like me. That made me very proud. You don’t get to hear a lot of well recognized musicians coming from Honduras. Like she told The Standard , “There isn’t very much variation in culture there.”

Her first full-length album, Me was released in September of 2015. And I still listen to that record almost every day. She spent a month in Mexico writing and did everything on her laptop.

I have a strong connection with all of her songs. But on “Need Myself” Lorely sings, “I think I’m the one I need. I think I’m the one I need.” A simple reminder of self appreciation. You don’t need someone else to find happiness. Some people will say, “That is something a selfish person will support.” Well, if loving myself and finding happiness within me is considered a selfish act -then most of us are. We all “just want to live happily ever after, every now and then.” But you can’t show love to others if you’re not really happy with who you are.


Empress Of is a project you need to follow and explore.

Listen to Need Myself on Spotify.

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