Nathalia Jmag

“Fashion doesn’t have to hurt”

Nathalia Jmag – photo by J.L. Cappella

Nathalia Jmag is a Colombian-American fashion designer and a blogger. She attended Framingham State University where she earned her BS in Fashion Design and Retailing.

I know Nathalia since 2013 through a retail company we used to work for. She has always been very dedicated to the fashion world and has maintained blogging since then -even before that.


I was always fascinated with her personal style and thought she was packed with genuine ideas. She was destined to become the creative person that she always wanted to be.


Nathalia is now a Project Runway alum. She was a tough competitor, and made it deep into the Emmy winner show in their 15th season.


I was fortunate to be part of her fashion show at the Bull Mansion in Worcester, MA -where she showcased her new “Dark Side of the Moon” collection.

I had the opportunity to shoot the models before the show.

Another Project Runway alum, Cornelius Ortiz presented his new designs alongside four other talented designers from the Greater Boston area. (Cosmic Unicornz, Villada Michelle, K. Patricia and Unalome Designs).

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Jmag takes it all very seriously, you can tell her creations will always be the best she can possibly do. She wouldn’t allow herself to present anything less than total perfection. Her hours into her designs are instantly visible.


Nathalia loves animals and has a strong passion for helping the environment. She has a certain dynamic in her working process that involves a zero waste technique. Seeking inspiration in those who are different and aren’t afraid to challenge themselves.

With her supportive husband always by her side – Nathalia Jmag is a real artist with a lot of things to say. This is only one part of her ongoing process.

“I try everyday to hustle harder than the day before” – Nathalia Jmag

Words and photographs by Enan

Palomo Spain

Gender-blurring designer is changing the conversation in the fashion world.


Alejandro Gómez Palomo, the trendy twenty something fashion designer, was born in the south of Spain. Setting the beat in Europe’s fashion industry and bringing some fresh ideas to the fashion table.

Menswear has been emerging for the past few seasons. We can see how many men care about the way they look. There is a broader landscape of boys wanting to look a certain way. And there is a new generation of young designers that are shaping the fashion world.

Palomo once said, “I’m trying to bring couture back to the boys.”

Palomo Spain studied at the London College of Fashion and graduated in 2015.

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Inspired by the romanticism, you can perceive the beauty of it in some of his pieces, expressed in a delicate way. But he achieves to adapt it to a much modern time.

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“I feel that boys need to discover different ways to wear clothes that we haven’t been able to wear up until now.”

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Palomo Spain

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